Happily Ever After

When I die I want to find the idiots who started this “happily ever after” nonsense and give them a piece of my mind! Walt Disney, you killed it for us! DreamWorks, you guys have the right idea! Seriously, this “happily ever after” notion is not just ludicrous it’s detrimental to our innate sense of individuality. Of course, husbands & wives, friends, family, and the general population are supposed to disagree! It’s called opinions and we are supposed to have them! We are not robots that have rolled off an assembly line with the same set of rules programmed into our chips. We are humans, vibrant, curious, innovative, imaginative, thinking, and forever evolving. Arguments are healthy provided we don’t throw things at each other, and no name calling unless you are married then it should be followed up with satisfactory appeasement, eg. A diamond ring, jewelry etc. for the women. Pot roast for the men!

Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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