Are Social Media sites like Facebook and twitter redefining social privacy norms?

In our bid to connect globally are we losing our sense of privacy? In the days before Facebook, (B.FB), it was considered unbecoming if you told one and all about your family vacation in the Mediterranean, if every one had seen pictures of your trip, then you were labelled as a show off.

Today the rules have reversed, not being public about your every breath and action is considered down right rude, if not arrogant. When told of a certain friend of a friend who wished to keep her pregnancy a secret, my eyebrows rose, long enough for me to realise how intrusive we as a community have become, not to mention the fact that I knew what I wasn’t supposed to know!

This is truly the information age for all we do is gather information, who did what with whom, when, where and why.

Anyone who readily shares information is considered ‘friendly’ and anyone who dares to exercise their birth right of privacy is considered ‘odd’ or ‘different’. Already we as a community are formulating options of trust and credibility based on the level of information a person, company or organisation is willing to share. A private person is either labelled as different, snooty or someone with a lot of dark secrets, the possibility that perhaps they are just not comfortable having their private affairs being broadcasted to the ends of the Earth is just not considered. Every company and organisation is told to share more information, being transparent has become the hallmark of trustworthy.

Which brings me to the pertinent question, where do you draw the line? The truth of the matter is you have to be your own person. If you are comfortable sharing your life on a social media site, then by all mean celebrate your life, digitally. However, if you are a private person and don’t want pictures of your kids floating around on the internet for all to see, then make sure you convey your wishes to those who may have access to them.

The bottom line is, if people truly are your ‘friends” then they will respect your wishes and if they don’t then they are just numbers on you FB friends list. For only a number would disrespect a person’s individuality and make fun of their choices.

So stand up for your choices, it’s all part of being human. The digital society just needs to deal with it.

Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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