Humans, what a complex bunch!

being human earth familyI have been researching global warming, now appropriately renamed climate change for a few articles that I have been commissioned to write. As a writer with a science background; I have a degree in Chemistry and biochemistry; I am obsessed with facts and data.
What should have taken me four days to accomplish has invariably dragged on for almost two weeks. Why? Because the Internet is filled with contradicting information, the climate denialists rant for pages about the fraudulent, cooked up data of the warmists and the same goes on in reverse. Apparently science is being stretched and edited to suit whatever anyone with a Dr. suffix decides is the truth.
As a science student I have my basics well founded so I can spot Horse s&*t a mile away and I know when someone uses a lot of BS as scientific reasoning. What I find appalling is that both sides are doing it and accusing the other of the same and the cherry on top is the ardent fan following that both sides command! Is the human race really so gullible?
I usually end up laughing MAO when I read the posts from cuckolded followers who tend to spew out data he/she just read from whichever website they hold to be true and just. What ensues is not only hilarious it’s disturbing, on a philosophical level. It surprises me that humans are so quick to judge and even more so to defend vehemently, favouring whichever side they feel appeals to common sense or is in alignment with their line of thinking.
It is disturbing to read humans derating their fellow men merely for their belief or choice of opinion whilst they themselves are guilty of the very act. The name calling, the disparaging and down right insulting remarks just because someone doesn’t choose to believe what they do and dares to question their belief! What happened to freedom of thought, liberty to believe in whatever you wanted to?
While I do agree with the logic of the warmists, by allowing climate denialists to attack the work and mission of saving the planet we are all responsible for the ensuing fate, I feel we could do it in a more civilised manner. I do not agree to the warmists cooking up data just to make their point or of using scare tactics to propel people into action, they debase their credibility. Science was always about the facts and never about what we believed. It is the spirit of discovery, the quest for truth that lead to our greatest discoveries. To be a scientist meant to be a champion of truth, when did we allow ourselves to be degraded to the level of politicians and attention seekers?
Scientific discovery had a great part to play in the reformation of the Catholic Church into a more unprejudiced religion that sought the will of God instead of imposing the pontiff’s beliefs. Yes, I am a catholic and proud to be one. No, I have no issues with gays or the pope for that matter, and yes I am not quite sure about why exactly God has an issue with gays. All I know is that God did command that a adulteress woman should be stoned but our Lord Jesus stood in front of her and opposed it saying that let the one who is without sin be the first one to throw the stone. My God, Lord Jesus is a God of compassion and mercy and though I do not understand his laws, I know his heart and I will follow his way. Judge not and ye shall not be judged; I desire mercy not sacrifice. His entire life he opposed the hypocritical self-righteous judgemental religious leaders, so I know what I have to do, the opposite of them!
This is not about my religious views it’s about humans and our alarming tendency to oppose and even punish those who dare to think, act or behave differently, the one behaviour that I didn’t expect from the scientific community.
What is most ridiculous is the rational behind the fight, denialists want to continue polluting the environment never mind the rising ocean level, extreme weather, depleting ozone layer and acid rain. Their smoking gun is the fact that due to the seriousness of global warming climate warmists get ‘funding’. Never mind the millions that get spent on defence and wars.
Just goes to show that we humans love our conspiracy theory and the act of proving how more intelligent we are than the next person!

Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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