Body Acceptance struggle, the sad tale of every woman.

Fighting for what you believe in!
Fighting for what you believe in! Stand up for yourself!


Women tend to be their worst enemy and what a formidable enemy we make. Nature has made women beautiful and strong, when used for the greater good blessings abound, however just as every coin has two sides, so does the strength of women. As mothers we are nurturing and kind but as adversaries we can rip the very foundation of a fortress.

It is rarely the boyfriend, the husband, the father, the brother, the son or any man who calls you fat and worn down. It’s usually your rival, mother, sister, girlfriend or daughter, not to forget the woman you meet in the mirror and the voice in your head. It’s not the image of the handsome ripped male in the magazine that makes you self-conscious but the gorgeous flawless bronze goddess.

So why are we so brutally critical of ourselves and the ones we love? Why do we expect so much from our children, our husbands, our lives and ourselves? There isn’t a single woman I have come across in my life who doesn’t live with some form of regret and as mothers we drive the longest train of guilt. There isn’t a single woman I know who is truly happy with her body image, whether she is fat, thin, slim, athletic or drop dead gorgeous, it doesn’t matter, she will always find herself too fat, too thin, to lanky, too muscled, right eye bigger than the left or with a big nose!

We are harshest with respect to our body image, we chastise ourselves, shame ourselves and always focus on our failures, never on our strengths or our gifts. We keep asking what’s wrong with us and why we can’t do this or that; we never look at what is so right with us and how we managed to this and that, despite everything.

It is time we stood up for ourselves; it is time to defend and cherish all that is beautiful within. No we won’t get proud and conceited if we appreciate the good, great and wonderful within us. We only get that way of we say that we are the ONLY ones with that trait and everyone else is without or lacking. Universal love and acceptance is the true way forward. Let us dream again and sprout wings to fly to heights far away from regret and guilt. In the immortal words of Sister Corita Kent, “Maybe we are less than our dreams, but that less would make us more than some Gods would dream of ”.


  1. Such an interesting and complex topic.. it is something that I think about a lot and that really saddens me. Why do so many women (and men) put so much pressure on themselves to look ‘perfect’? The reasons are connected mainly with today’s society: the media the image of the ‘perfect’ body, perfect diet, and perfect everything that pervades every magazine/television programme/music video/website we cross. In these times, it is so hard to take the pressure off ourselves when everything surrounding us is subliminally or blatantly dictating the way we should be.

    • Who defines what is beautiful and what is not? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and it so sad that we have forgotten to find beauty in everyone and in ourselves. Look into the eyes of a new born, the love they have for their parents. Does body shape, colour of skin or anything else affect that love? Why do we throw away that love and seek instead the worldly fickle superficial love? Even the models or actresses they glorify today will be long forgotten before the year is out.

  2. Maybe a bit much. All I wanted to illustrate is if there are two things you shouldn’t be self conscious about is your writing and your looks. Keep up the good work on both and check out my blog for a cheap laugh.

  3. A couple points here, first I like your writing style, second your very beautiful don’t worry about your looks, and about the military pic wow. You could grease my gun, fire my cannon, drive my tank, ride my shot gun, swab my deck, and I just may polish your turrets, load your chamber, and attack your flank. Sorry they just kept coming out. Don’t sweat the small stuff and I enjoyed your writing. Come by my blog I’m not normally so… OK I might be

    • LOL! Thank you… I guess??? You are hilarious, I had to take a break to laugh and then type this reply! You have a gift, you spread laughter, like the god of mirth… if there ever was one. That is a great gift, to spread good cheer! I am a writer and you are exactly the character that was missing from my book, aptly named Armageddon! Sir Gordon Johnson, how does that sound?

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