The hidden truth, are you a seeker?

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The hidden truth, flourishing in our neglect, requesting the seeker to submerge in it’s wisdom in order to impress.

There is a world within the world we live in, pure and full of wisdom, the one we are oblivious to. We go to work, play, eat, sleep, populate this Earth and generally live a life that is not cognizant of this veiled truth. Like a dream within a dream we fool ourselves into believing that we are truly alive and in that moment, we conjure up tragedies, triumphs, obstacles, emotional crossroads and everything else that our ever-imaginative minds can emotionally create, just to numb the sensation that we are indeed asleep. Death actually is a circuit breaker that jerks us out of this elaborate illusion that the entire human race has collaborated into existence.

Stories abound of this conspiracy theory, the dream within the dream state of mankind’s existence. For though we have wilfully chosen to bury it, the knowledge of it gnaws in the depth of our subconscious. It surfaces ever so often in paintings, stories, myths, and mad ramblings of a troubled soul.

Religions have tried to ease mankind into truth, first calling one to a more evolved living, then renunciation of all worldly pleasures (the truth suppressors) and eventually embracing ‘life after death’ (the circuit breaker). Jesus had spoken these words, “Let the dead bury their own dead.” To fail to see the truth is akin to being dead, asleep to the reality that exists.

Do wish to be awakened?

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  1. The three of us from the blog of Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself, liked the above post.
    Sir Winston says that he believes the ONLY truth is OUR OWN truth, and not the truths of what others believe to be the truth (such as the truth of religions, society´s beliefs or past doctrines which have been past down from generation to generation).
    Although some of these “truths” may help the individual, and therefore are a vital part of human development, genuine truth can only be discovered by the individual.

    Mr Midnight adds that that seems to be the problem with humans – time-out with which to discover “oneself” is often avoided – multi-media obsessions, consummation frenzy and addictions to superfluous entertainment being the passion of western cultuires.

    Of course, we respect what others want to believe and our comment is only a fragment of OUR TRUTH and may have nothing in common with what others may believe. (Actually. we´re quite used to being of the opposite opinion than the majority of the human race)
    Best regards and thank you for posting.
    Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself.

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