Broken crayons still colour!

Broken crayons still colour!

There is a lot in this statement, the words broken and colour have nothing in common, but a crayon does. That summarises our lives, we can be broken and we can still excel, the two characteristics have nothing to do with each other unless we empower them to. We are authors of our own lives, protagonists of our life stories, we can either write a bestseller that is motivational or a horror story that leaves one, with nothing but despair.

Too easily we surrender our power of thought, emotion and mostly action to our circumstances, the whims of people, society, or to our vices. We forget that while the past is real and often painful and crippling, it is over. The present, right here and now, is where we are and where we should be designing, moulding, and creating our future. And if need be the present is where we rewrite our past so that we can be in control.

Yes, we can rewrite our past, after all, it is only a memory that we feed with our emotions, fears, and our energies. A harrowing incident that left us scarred and broken can be rewritten and thousands have done it to great effect. A mother who lost her child to a drunk driver can rewrite her loss as a mission to save other children from similar fates. A rape survivor can take a stand to bring criminals to justice and help others like her.

Broken crayons colour, for the simple reason that being broken doesn’t make you any less but more, much more. You see life from a different perspective and whilst painful you have the unique opportunity to own it, to command it. Or it can rule you, determine your future by controlling your present.

It’s a choice, there is always a choice.




But of course.

Will it ever be easy?

If it has to be worthwhile then the payment is sweat, tears, and blood, always blood.

While we may not choose to be broken, we can choose if we wish to colour twice as much, because broken crayons still colour.broken crayons

Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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