Lost for words

In my journey of life, I have had the amazing opportunity to interact and even assimilate, albeit for a short while, with people and organizations that have been deviant in their line of thinking. From silk-clad gurus to jeans and T-shirt new age thinkers, I have hummed and chanted for world peace and enlightenment. I diligently say my rosary and seek the counsel of the wise thinkers.

I am 42 and have never been more lost or confused.

The more I learn and discover the more I find the scaffolding that holds our world together, crumble. As a child I used to have a recurring nightmare, that I was walking all alone in a shattered, destroyed, and ravaged world, devoid of life and hope. End of the world movies convinced me that I was merely having a premonition of times to come. Perhaps, in retrospect, that was the reason I delved into new age thinking, meditation and the eternal search for enlightenment. From meditating in the Himalayas and dipping in the Ganges I sought refuge in the monstrance and the solemn vespers of the Catholic Church.

While the Catholic traditions have sustained my interest for the longest time and the teachings of Christ has nourished my soul, the leaders of the church, save for the holy Pope Francis, have not inspired much faith.

Which brings me back to my most startling revelation, every human is just that, a human nothing more. Every teaching that comes from man is flawed and myopic. Even knowledge from God is flawed for the translator is human, and his or her experiences and perceptions taint the holy wisdom.

Take the famous saying of Jesus Christ, ‘know the truth and the truth will set you free.’ People have interpreted this in every way possible to justify their line of thought, from Seek the truth to We are the truth. What is Truth? Something that is in accordance with fact or reality, meaning you are limited by your own knowledge of facts and reality. A worse definition is ‘which is accepted as true’; meaning anything that is beyond your current state of understanding is automatically false even if it is indeed true.

As if grappling with this crippling though wasn’t bad enough I stumbled upon another, ‘people cannot understand what they have no words to describe’. I had heard the story of how the human mind could not see beyond their mental frame network. Joseph Banks, botanist on Captain James Cook’s 1770 voyage commented that the natives paid virtually no attention to the 106-foot long Endeavour. The natives were unable to comprehend the foreign object

A recent discovery of a new fact (for me as this research is old) that the Himba people, an ethnic group from northern Namibia, are unable to distinguish the color blue from green because they do not have words to describe the color blue. The color blue though starring them in the eyes is invisible or green to them because they do not have the words to describe them. As is the case of Hunanoo from the Philippines who do not have color as a concept and instead describe the lightness, wetness, or similarity to other colored items like turmeric or ash.

IQ is often related to a person’s vocabulary, higher the IQ greater a person’s vocabulary. So goes the common concept of Intelligence, I neither accept this generalization nor do I reject it. While I can appreciate the liner thought process that assumes that a more developed mind will find a way to convey its thoughts with the most appropriate words which can lead to a higher vocabulary, I wonder about all those mathematical geniuses who are verbally impaired.

Contrary to this line of thinking is the foundation of eastern philosophy. Silence is the pathway to enlightenment with mental ramblings actively discouraged. Wise sages are often known to be men or women of few words. Like the yin-yang of existence, I find a dichotomy even in the quest for truth and wisdom.

Which essentially boils down to the simple truth of left and right brain concept. Life has a logical explanation and a deeper more spiritual experience. The seeker must decide which path to pursue, the wordless experience that promises to envelop galaxies in the space of an atom or the linguistic decoding of creation.

As I sit here ravaged by the predicament before me I stare, speechless and lost for words in search of worlds within.


Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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