The winner’s mindset

My brother recommended that I join Blinkist. Given my voracious appetite for books and the lack of hours to sustain it, he told me Blinkist was perfect, the books are read in the background while I go about my work.

I have joined the free version where I get sent a fifteen minute audio summary of a random book. While it’s nothing like reading the entire book, at least this gives me an accurate gist of the book and if I find it interesting enough I can go ahead and purchase the book.

Yesterday’s book was Total Recall, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s true life story. Unable to manage even 15 minutes, I played it today as I made breakfast for my kids. There were a few lines in the book that made me stop and think, deeply.

He realized that if he’d entered into the contest with a winner’s mentality he would have trained harder and could have finished in first place.

It was a turning point in Schwarzenegger’s life. He resolved to never enter another bodybuilding competition without first setting himself up to win.

It made me realize all those times in my own life that I did things with the ‘this is so not going to work. Why am I even doing it?’ attitude. Needless to say, many of them failed, self-fulfilling prophecy? No, self-sabotage.

People buy enthusiasm, they rally behind passionate people, and not behind sensible individuals. If we have to do something why not give it our 100% or more? Having said that I accept that enthusiasm is in short supply and not easy to generate or sustain. Hard? Terribly but it’s not impossible.

The precursor to enthusiasm is giving a damn. Find something that you deeply care about, and work from there. For example, are you self-conscious? So you care if you end up looking like a fool? Excellent play to that,  tell yourself I NEED to do this and if it fails, I’ll look like an idiot. I NEED this to work. I’m giving it my 100 percent because failure is just not an option.

My dialogue is more on the lines of ‘giving up is not an option, so if I’m tired, I better find a way to make this work coz I’m not getting off this train until I get to my station.’

Like Edison, I have found a million ways things don’t work and I’m still holding out for the one way it will. But of late I think I’ve lost my enthusiasm, the winning mindset, doing things for the sake of doing it is not something I’m going to settle for. My own technique to get me excited is going to be imagining myself having already achieved my success and enjoying it.

Let’s go win some……

Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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