Science Vs Spirituality

Whenever I see a post or debate about science versus spirituality I can’t help but imagine Superman versus Batman. Each is a superhero in his own version of the world and I think that is what everyone is missing. As a science graduate with a double major in Chemistry and Biochemistry, I also did two years of microbiology, I like to think of myself as a spiritual scientist. I consider myself a scientist as I like to stick to facts and repeatable results. I’m big on truth and the journey more than the destination. I consider myself as spiritual as I tend to be open to all kinds of thought even if they sound ludicrous, I like to try before I deny.

I love opposing points of view and I am addicted to having my core beliefs shaken and shattered, having said that let me stress how painful the proposition is. Recently I had a major religious core belief shatter and it was painful, I was aimlessly drifting in life, questioning everything around me. As someone who still remembers the smarting sting of a core beliefe fall apart, I completely understand why people would rather hold on to theirs and fight till their death, literally, to hold onto their belief systems.

I have hit inexplicable highs of contentment and detachment that left me feeling so out of touch and unable to adjust to everyday life, that I had to shut that part of me just to resume normal functions. As a single mother of three children all below 10 years of age, I understood that spirituality and life in the physical world are poles apart. Physical needs like hunger, thirst, shelter, and love cannot be fulfilled, for children in my case, with teachings of a higher self and tapping into the cosmic energy. My own physical needs after a while rush at me like a tsunami and I am overwhelmed. While in the flow I can buzz for days without sleep, food or a break but when it exists my system I am ravaged by my animalistic vibration. I stuff my face, sleep non-stop, and not the most pleasant person to hang around. Bear mama is what my kids call me and know enough to keep their distance, save for a few hugs and snuggle time.

Balance is what I am struggling with, I have put my creative aspirations on hold, my latest book dangling by the threads, it’s hard to be creative and a nurturing mother. Which has led me to understand and appreciate why so many repress their soul and wear blinders as they trudge through life. Confronting your beliefs and discovering the truth is a taxing venture, one that threatens to derail your physical life, and until we as a society have evolved enough to support such transformations, the status quo remains.

As a young free-spirited teenager that meditated and believed in world peace, who looked down upon rigid dogmatic individuals I have come a long way. Now I turn to them with respect and understanding. They have chosen, in the way they were trained best by those before them, to stay rooted in the physical sustaining the ecosystem of human life with the hope that one day no one would have to.

The laws of science govern the physical world, for those without access to the healing cosmos, vaccines and chemical medications are their goto for ailments. To snatch that out of their hands and insist on them relying on ancient healing practices is ignorant and dangerous. Young ones are born into the physical world, helpless and unable to connect to the spiritual realm. They cannot consciously lift their heads let alone manifest sustenance and health.

Everything has its place and being able to see that without judgment and the God complex to change it; is sorely needed. The world is saturated with people who think they know the truth and the right way, whatever that means! Life is a journey and we are all pilgrims, none of our destinations are the same then why do we insist on putting up signposts and guides? What is needed is to celebrate our individual journeys, a campfire where we all convene for a while before we head off on our separate ways, where we can meet, wives and husbands, lovers and friends, brothers and sisters, to tell our stories and encourage each other.

Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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