Why the universe is black

In my newsfeed, I discovered the mesmerizing beauty of Vantablack, a creation of Surrey NanoSystems. It is a substance so black that it absorbs 99.96% of the light that hits its surface. It’s the closest we will ever get to ‘seeing’ a  black hole, Vantablack is so black that the human eye can’t quite decipher what it is seeing.

I saw a video where a face mask made out of vantablack was placed a few inches in front of a square piece of vantablack, as the object revolved the silhouette of the mask completely disappeared into the square piece of black. It was surreal!

Ben Jensen, co-founder of Surrey NanoSystems describes it best, “When you have no light reflected back to the viewer, you see nothing, so your brain paints it as black.”

The thought that my perception is limited by light, cascaded into a million realizations. Suddenly everything made sense, why we choose to see only what we want, why two people going thought identical situations can have such different experiences, it’s all in our perception. It’s our personal filters that we place on everything that gets distorted into our chosen reality.

Today you are rich enough, happy enough and fulfilled enough if you choose to see yourself as is or not. You can be the Titan that scales the tallest mountain or the giant that crushes obstacles or you can be the victim of circumstance and fate, you decide. Don’t believe me? Have you seen a child, I have three so I get a life lesson every playtime, it isn’t the most expensive toy but the cardboard box that brings them the greatest pleasure. When they play they are wonder woman and Batman all rolled into one. Laws of physics, reality and time does not apply, they are masters of their universe.

Which was your fondest memory, something from childhood most probably, about something really inconsequential, probably available for free…. the first swim lesson, the first kiss, a summer friendship…. When did you decide that this was not enough? That you were not enough? That your curly hair was not straight enough or your straight hair not curly enough? That your freckles were a blemish and your dimple too deep or not deep enough? That your skin was too light or too dark?

When you were five did you care? So when did you begin to notice that you were too thin or too fat? Too tall or too short? When did you start staring into the mirror so long that you noticed that your left eye is bigger than your right? When did you stop chasing the clouds and turned your attention to the media? When did you trade the daisies in your garden for the realistic plastic center piece? When did you shut your windows and spray your home with air fresheners?

Why did you stop drawing just because you realized you were not a Picasso? Is art only for the applause? If the work of your hands brings you joy is that not enough? When did you decide that how you felt was not important? When did you decide that your light was dim and instead chose to borrow the flashing neon lights of society? When did you stop shining and start reflecting?

We become like disco balls that are reflecting so much that we think we are shining bright but we are not. Sometimes we need the dark so that we may find the path among the stars, the light left behind by the great souls before us.

This is why Akasha is black, it has no light, it gives no light because light creates an illusion. The fact that the mind paints everything black when it is unable to comprehend what is, is very telling. What is even more revealing is that everything we see is a distortion, the mind has a classification system that decides what is. Everything that we understand and perceive is information that is compared to what is already known.

The ancient Chinese knew of this which is why they said that if you really want to learn you need to empty your mind. If you keep calibrating and classifying all that is, based on all that you have accepted, you will never learn, all you are doing is seeking validation for your personal truths. If your personal truth is that you look ridiculous in your work clothes, every innocent giggle and laughter on the street is someone mocking you. The mind will supply you with all the proof you need to validate your belief and distort reality to fit your perception of what should be.

That is why we need a little black in our lives because we need to confuse our minds, enough for it to go blank so that we may finally see that we do not see. We only extrapolate based on what we know, want or believe.

This is why the universe is black because the perfect canvas isn’t white, it’s black. It is only when nothing is added that you are all that you were meant to be.


Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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