The pilgrim’s woe

I am a pilgrim,
the Earth be my floor,
the heavens my roof,
I wrap the wind with
the Sun as my guide.
The moon my beloved
and the stars my way home.
In the midst of people, I forget who I am.
Like angels who fell for the mirage,
I too stay entangled.
Drunk on the wine of youth,
I stagger away from my way home.
Spent in the fire of emotions,
I am covered with the dirt of regret.
With bent knees, I pray
to remember once more,
the peace of knowing all that I am.
As the stillness comes I begin to ask why,
Why does the fire burn so bright?
Does the tinder delight into ash?
Why does my heart crave for love?
Am I too unbearable all alone?
Is lust fermented love?
Left too long, in the dark all alone?
Why is silence so deafening?
Why is loneliness, her sister, maddening?
Why is noise so soothing?
Anything to drown the whispers of my soul?
Why do the flowers bloom?
Only to fade and die?
Why is happiness the butterfly in the field,
and sorrow the sweat in my palms?
As I ask my last why,
I breathe my last breath and
remember, Ohh that’s why!

Let me know what you think, after all we think therefore we are.. alive?

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