Why I travel

I travel so that
I can
Hug every tree and feel the furrowed bark.
So coarse on the outside
but only so to protect the delicate inside.
The sacrifice of those on the border
so that the innocent may live.
Notice how the jagged rock
scrapes against my fingertips
sharp and bitter inside and out.
Cringe when the icy ocean sprays my face.
Droplets that wished to dance rather than conform,
hear their laughter as they merge
with whatever they crash into,
as they disappear I hear them shout,
’twas fun, if I had the option I’d do it again.
Hear my heart pound as I stand at the edge of a cliff.
Resist the strong winds that threaten to blow me away.
I dig deep into my jacket as I hear the bellowing winds
Come on let go, unplant your feet, surrender to us,
A little of us in your lungs and you live
Think if you swim in an ocean of us..
“I’ll die!” I scream.
As they fly away I hear them faintly
Only if you hold on to your body..
Surrender to the breath, the wind in you.
Notice how the fine sand slips through my fingers
watch them Pirouette as they return to the earth.
They are alone but together, shifting without order
but forming mountains that roll and fly.
Timeless and eternal,
humble yet majestic.
Grumble as the glare from the sun
burns my skin and blinds me.
Feel the moisture in me elope with the hot winds.
Hear the silent heartbreak of my skin
cracking, parched and unable to stretch.
Love can bind and strengthen
but heartbreak can fracture and destroy.
Curse as the blizzard alters the world
into a lifeless freezer.
Hear my bones turn brittle
and my blood begin to congeal.
Feel the warmth of my body shrink
retreating into an abyss that lures my mind.
As the cold envelopes,
I find my mind retreating
into the warmth of memories.
Stories of hope, I’ve found;
Warm the coldest winds
brighten the darkest nights.
Calm the roughest seas
Shorten the hottest days.
Soothe the broken hearted
Inspire the weak-willed.
Dance as the grass in the meadows do
in the gentle breeze that tickles.
Stand in awe as an insect climbs on me.
Does it find me to be a smooth tree?
Does it see all of me or
just an oiled patch of vertical flatland?
What does it make of my fluttering dress
that threatens to steal the sun?
Does it pray to an unknown God
for deliverance?
Belittle itself for not taking a different route?
That is why I travel.
To answer the unquestioned.
To ask the unworded.
To feel the unrecorded.
To surrender to the unexplored.


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