Author- Antonia Rapheal

I am, Antonia Rapheal, an author and I love to blog about life, God, people and the world in general. Every article is straight from the heart with no agendas like appealing to the masses or a front face for any organisation. This is me, raw, undiluted and honest. I hope that my words will linger in the hearts and minds of all who read my blog and that they will contribute to my evolution with their opinions. For what are we if not a summary of our beliefs and experiences? The tradition of narration is as old as time with writing being the most favoured method. It’s is the only way that we can leave our essence of being behind, for eternity and for mankind. An honest sampling of our journey on earth, well, here’s mine.

Quotes from Antonia Rapheal:

“Which is why now more than ever we need to encourage each other, we need to shut those haters with all our positivity and mostly by refusing to let them bog us down. At every opportunity we need to make our voices heard; we need to laud those who dare to be positive, who speak the truth and we need to look to our right and our left and let our loved ones know that we are with them. We need to curb our own anger and replace it with peace, love, and understanding because this world is already overflowing with hate. We need to celebrate every last drop of creativity, inspiration, and beauty. We need to spread cheer and good will, we don’t need to talk about all that is wrong but about all that is right and good.
Let us fight the good fight, the one that leads to a victory of love and peace because if we don’t then no one else will.”

“Let us dream again and sprout wings to fly to heights far away from regret and guilt.”

“Our childhood mentors determine not only our outlook on life but also our perception of self.”


“Sparkling eyes, shiny hair, smooth skin, gorgeous smile and an infectious personality represent beauty for me. As opposed to a gaunt frame, hollowed cheeks, spindly arms and skinny legs.”

“what is art if not marked with the sweat of adversity?”



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  3. […] He trades our pain, sorrow, sinful baggage, and everything negative for his joy, peace and grace! He isn’t partial he loves the saint and the sinner just the same! His reward for the faithful believer and that for the prodigal disciple is the same – eternal life! Not a very good business man when u judge him through the eyes of the world. In the world we trade for profit not loss, we reward the loyal far more than the others, and we definitely have favorites! Perhaps that’s why atheists cannot believe in a God, how can there be someone who is so perfect, love us despite all our faults? All that power and yet he chose to be born in a manger and die a torturous death for all of us. Unbelievable! Christians are here to tell u just that! God loves u even if u don’t love him or know him or believe in him. He loves you just the way you are because he made you. You are beautiful in his eyes. Not matter what you have done, where you have been or where you’ll end up: he loves you. He won’t hang up when u call ,he always has time for you and there isn’t a problem or situation too big for him to handle. He isn’t a self-righteous, annoying, judgmental disciplinarian but a kind, patient, compassionate, understanding, loving and ever forgiving Father. All you have to do is call out to him, he is waiting…. My short bio […]

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