James Bond was a class act, these guys are pathetic!

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I’m angry, really palpitating, shaking mad! The nerve of some people, serial womanisers, Casanovas, call them what you like, I call them scumbags. Facebook is crawling with idiots looking out for ‘lonely, married women’. I am a PR professional so I get a lot of friend requests on FB and I usually accept it without a thought, it’s social media you can’t exactly have privacy issues! I have a separate one for friends and family where I post pics of my kids and have extremely strict privacy settings. On my PR id, I got contacted by a jerk asking me to ‘start a friendly relationship’, assuming that he mistook me as single I wrote back saying that I was happily married and mother of three. He still wrote back, an extremely long email detailing how wonderful he is, an excerpt below:

I Don,t like to play games or people that play games , i have nice heart, clear mind, very romantic, very warm Hearted, loving and caring, loyal and well behaved, from decent family, i am into many things like traveling, computers,gardening and many other things.

I’m a straight forward person, and i want to build nice friend/relationship which will last long and never ends with someone kind and nice and honest, committed and loving I’m not a materialistic person and i am always after nice hearts.

Currently i am working on a contract ,but I can move and travel, i am sure that you will like me more when you meet me. the type of woman i would like to meet she should be,caring,honesty ,understanding,loving,truthful and have a sense of Humor……I will love to know somethings about you.

After nice hearts? He is loyal and from a decent family, really? I wonder which families train their sons to prey on vulnerable women and ‘play games’? Some people are just down right, morally depraved! For politeness sake I haven’t copied my response to him but I can assure you my language was quite colourful. Normally I’d brush it aside but what got me seething mad is the ‘evil’ intent and malicious nature of the man. Here is an excerpt form his previous email initiating the ‘looking for a wonderful woman’ to which I promptly replied that I was married.

What a nice and sparkling smile.
I Read your profile,It is my pleasure to contact you, Am searching for a sincere and trusted Woman of God that will teach me the way of God and i believe in God you
will be the one, when i stumbled on your profile.I got entangled in that wonderful smile, couldn’t stop myself from saying hello. Please always wear that smile.

I wonder which ‘God’ told him to contact a married woman, the God of Casanovas maybe? Why would a married, woman of God, start a relationship with another man? Is it just because I accepted his friend request that he assumed I was, ‘lonely and looking for a companion sent by God?’ It enrages me to think that there might be so many genuinely hurt and lonely women out there, looking for the ‘the one’ and all they get is a moronic excuse for a human being.

What about all the elderly, widowed, lonely single women, they would easily fall for this kind of crap, thinking it was genuine and straightforward. I despise people who like to prey on vulnerable and lonely people, it’s just so wrong. How can these people live with themselves? Is it all just a game to them, to play with a woman’s inner most hopes of love and a life with someone she cares about? How does someone get over a trauma like that? If you know anyone who has gone through this, I would love to hear about it.


  1. I have been approached hundreds of times. They are all looking for women to charm right out of the loads of money they think we have. They always give themselves away. They begin sentences with, “Am looking for blah, blah, blah.” Real men know we use “I am looking…” It gives them away every time, as if we couldn’t tell anyway. LOL

    • I know right? There were so many errors in his email, you’d think he would at least proof read his email for “the one”. It’s sad, it never fails to anger me when people like that, predators, go about their prowl for victims without a hint of remorse. Here I have sleepless nights about an innocent comment or gesture that I ‘think’ might have ofended someone.

      • I played along with one to just see what type of game he was playing. As I expected, he wanted money. I strung him along just as he thought he had done to me. In the end, I had the last laugh.

      • Money is indeed the root of all evil. Good on you, a few more brave hearts like you and I am sure there will be a big enough dent in the egos of these casanovas, that just might save a few impressional women.
        Honoured to have made your acquaintance, M’lady! 🙂

  2. Well said! Such jerks always existed – even before the internet and social media – its just that we never adapted our “blocking” skills fast enough to make sure they dont reach us.

    • Thanks!
      It’s very infuriating for me to know that there are people out there who live to prey on the sentiments of hurting or lonely women. Is it all just a game to them? Do they not fear God?

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